It all started in a conversation with my pregnant sister Jessica back in 2010. She needed a compact and travel-friendly diaper bag that held everything she needed for a day or weekend trip. It needed to be organized and easily accessible, as well as small enough to fit into her favorite handbag. The handbag, that she refused to give up simply because she was now a mama!

Four babies and eight years later, we have tried and tested the Swagroll and have really given it a run for its money! We have continued to enhance the practical features of the swagroll and will be launching Version 2.0 in the Summer of 2018. 

And about that name?

“Definition: ‘Swag’ (noun) 3Australian/New Zealand a traveler’s or miner’s bundle of personal belongings. It refers to the all the required possessions and daily necessaries carried by Australian bushmen. Or also known as a Swagman or Swaggie.”



A diaper carry-all system that holds everything you need and nothing you don't.


Maker of The Original Swagroll, Bianca Reis, is also the founder and creative director of childrenswear brand Agatha Cub. When asked what she does, she will tell you she is first and foremost a mother.

As a woman, she is mama to her two beautiful children, Cillian and Aoife, and their Jack Russell, Bodhi. As a creator, designer and maker, she is the mother to all her ideas as she strives to provide useful and beautiful products for other women who find themselves on the journey of motherhood. And as a business owner, she is the administrative, scheduling manager extraordinaire that keeps things going, day after day.

Crossing the threshold into motherhood has been life changing. As a woman, a mother and a small business owner, Bianca is an advocate for mothers and women everywhere. She believes that women should be celebrated for their strengths and achievements and not judged by their appearances or the expectations of others. She believes that mothers should be supported in doing one of the hardest and most important jobs in the world, and anything else they want to do for that matter! She is continuously humbled by these small creatures of hers and believes that we have so much to learn from our children.